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Patrice Rushen was an R&B-jazz vocalist/pianist/songwriter who in the 70’s and 80’s had numerous albums make the Billboard charts. The majority of her work originally came out on Elektra Records but has never been issued on CD anywhere in the world until now. Pizzazz was her second highest charting album, reaching #39 in 1979. It features the hit single ‘Haven’t You Heard’. Wounded Bird Records. 2003. … More >>

Price: $79.98

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3 Responses to “Pizzazz”

  1. Jetrocket says:

    “Pizzazz” follows 1978’s “Patrice” and this time around Patrice brings it all together in a disc undergirded by real funk, emotional lyrics and stellar musicianship. This classic release long out of print has deservedly been reissued for the digital age with sterling sonic clarity. On “Pizzazz”, Rushen’s signature light touch keyboards are on display in songs that are bouyed by thoughts of love and positivity. At nearly 25 years old it still sparkles and sounds fresh.

    1. Let The Music Take Me — is a joyous bouncing funk dance track complimented by bright horn charts,perculating percussion and a soulfully sung chorous that never gets tiresome. I just want to dance, dance dance and let the music take me…

    2. Keepin Faith In Love — follows the lead of “Let the music take me” as it is another funk-dance track accented by great brass work,Patrice’s fender rhodes and light and plaintive voice.

    3. Settle For My Love — a beautiful moody ballad, layered with gorgeous vocal harmonies and an immaculate musical arrangement. It recalls the best of Roy Ayers work — think ‘Everybody Loves the Sunshine” and Third eye”. This track was recently covered on Musiq’s latest. However the original version on play here is definitive.

    4. Message In The Music —this is the album’s coda. It is a mid tempo funk filled gem done with gospel-like vocals. All and all an execptional vocal work out.

    5. Havent You Heard — the big hit of Pizzazz. A great disco song that somehow transcends the limitation of the static beat. The lush string arrangements really set a new direction at the time which would later be embraced by groups like Chic and Soul II Soul. The fender rhodes solo is particularly memorable as are the soaring vocals. For a little woman with a small voice, Patrice really pushed herself to the heights here leaving an indellible mark.

    6. Givin It Up Is Givin Up — this is a duet with DJ Rodgers on the travails of a breaking relationship. Tinged with the blues and Carribean rhythms we are treated to another soulful gem.

    7. Call On Me — recalls the sycopated funk-filled romps of “Let the Music Take Me” and “Keeping Faith in Love” — “Call on me” is more jazz-infused with a real in-the-pocket groove. Rather than being redundant,”Call on me” further emphasizes the creation of a unique and recognizeable musical signature.

    8. Reprise — a reprise of ‘Message in the Music” closes out the set. the choir like vocals stay ringing in your ear and soon you find yourself reaching to restart the whole damn thing again.

    This is one of my all time favorites records and it has been a long time coming. Highly recommended.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. “Let The Music Take Me”,”Keepin’ Faith In Love”,”Givin’ It Up
    Is Givin’ Up” and the all time classic “Haven’t You Heard” all
    have a slight Quincy Jones R&B feel to them-a steady rhythm section accented by horns,hooks and an upbeat rhythm while
    the tight “Message In The Music” and “Call On Me” reflect the pianist’s funkier side.More engaged then Patirce’s Elektra debut
    ‘Pizzazz’ marks quantum leaps in her songwriting and her devotion to singing this kind of mildly fusiony R&B/Funk is far more sincere then before.It is by no means her absolute FINEST
    Elektra album but none of her recordings from 1979 to 1984 were
    below excellent,even if musical growth and confidance in her given genre of music would see more fruitation in the albums to
    follow but Patrice’s R&B legacy really begins here!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. M. Andrada says:

    I’ve loved this record since its release in 1979. The hit single, “Haven’t You Heard?” is terrific. I love it even more so than “Forget Me Nots” which came out about two years after. The instrumental bridge with the Hammond organ is sublime!
    Rating: 4 / 5

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